Custom-made websites

Custom-made websites

Design and develop together!

The web is a continuously evolving environment that keeps bringing new technologies which you need to benefit from.


Elaboration of an original graphic charter which respects the values of your company and allows to boost your visual identity.


Creation or redesign of website according to the need from the technical design of the website to the graphic design of all its elements.


SEO is the process of improving your site to increase organic visibility. It is the implementation of a strategy for the optimization of your website’s traffic.


all the online actions aimed at promoting and making visible a business or a company on social networks.

Choice of the publicity made in particular within the framework of the SEA referencing in order to make you standout.

Development of a content strategy that promotes the acquisition of qualified traffic and that sets you apart in the market.

Allows you to send personalized emails with the ability to automate these campaigns to save time and support customers effectively.


When you develop your website, you have to think about the responsive design because of the important number of Internet users who surf on mobile. The mobile-first approach is part of the UX design and means that we try to get rid of the problem of the website being mobile-first and that this is taken into account when designing the web interfaces like Mobile development differs from web development since the screen size differs from one digital medium to another.

  • A special contact with your customers
  • A marketing strategy with reduced costs
  • A better understanding of your target audience
  • An online presence without intrusion
  • An essential evolution
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques used to improve a website’s position in search engine results. A website is well optimized if it is in the first positions in the results of search engines on certain keywords. On-page SEO aims to improve the content of the website by improving the choice of keywords, tags, URLs and internal linking. On the other hand, Off-page optimization focuses on the environment of a website, i.e. the links that redirect to a page. The backlinks must come from good quality websites. Other factors are to be taken into account if we talk about SEO including the ergonomics of the website, namely its appearance and quality, its bounce rate, its conversion rate and the user experience. If these points are well worked, the ranking of your page on search engines will be better and you can have a qualified traffic. Search engine optimization is an important asset in any marketing strategy.
Search Engine Optimization (SEA) consists in creating and optimizing advertising campaigns on search engines. The objective is to gain visibility by spending an adequate budget on a certain number of keywords. The remuneration can be done at CPM (Cost per Thousand), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPA (Cost per Acquisition). The SEA referencing, like Google Adwards, is ideal for an immediate increase of traffic and to gain a qualified traffic while profiting from a good flexibility and detailed follow-up tools. The primary motivation for companies to invest in link advertising is timing, as sponsored links are delivered at the exact moment that the user is searching. The second advantage is that your brand will be visible a few minutes after the campaign goes live. You can then extend this visibility whenever you want. The third advantage is that it could be combined with SEO for maximum traffic acquisition.
The e-reputation represents the web image conveyed by a brand or a product on different communication media such as search engines, review platforms and social networks. A positive reputation increases the number of customers while a bad e-reputation can decrease the sales of your products. Mastering your online image means creating a real link of trust between your prospects and your customers. Many actors participate in the creation of a company’s online reputation, including employees, Internet users, influencers, the media and the competition. If a company neglects its online popularity for too long, the consequences can be dramatic. That’s why you need to monitor your online reputation. The measurement of its e-reputation is necessary to ensure the follow-up of the evolution of its online reputation. You can ask for the help of a web agency to improve your image on the internet. Define clearly your needs to find the best agency on the market.


A CMS helps you create your website without having to write code from scratch. It allows users to design, manage and modify content on their website without the need for specialized technical knowledge in web development and while taking advantage of the latest web technologies.